Murder of malad senior citizen shows that trusting maidservants is risky

Again confirming the risk of trusting people and difficulty finding a reliable maidservant, 69 year old malad woman Marie Dcosta from Orlem, Malad was allegedly killed by maidservants boyfriend. The maidservant Shabnam shaikh who was partially disabled was working for the malad senior citizen Marie Dcosta for nearly twenty years.
The maidservant got news that some land was being sold and assumed that the money was kept in the house.
So while leaving the maidservant and her son kept the door open, so that the boyfriend could enter the house easily, kill Marie Dcosta and steal the money. Initially immediately after the death, it was assumed that it was an accidental death, later gold and other items were found missing by Marie Dcosta’s daughters who were working in Kuwait,
The maidservant and her son did not kill Marie Dcosta, they only left the door open while leaving so that her lover could easily enter the house and kill Marie Dcosta, who was found with her head in a bucket of water. Initially it was assumed that it was a natural death,later when items were found missing , a police case was registered.

Usually most people trust those who they have known for long, yet people can change anytime, so it is difficult to trust anyone. When the maidservant is at home, the family members have to be careful while speaking, since confidential information may get leaked.