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This website is about risk taking, how Indian tax payer money is wasted to destroy the life of entrepreneurs in India who take the risk of leaving their well paying job to start a business.
Though not explicitly stated in the online or offline media, it covers how Indian society is extremely hostile to entrepreneurs and promotes mediocrity.

The risk taker is put under surveillance for nearly four years, subjected to a character assasination campaign, looted of her hard earned money.
The ultimate aim is to force the business owner to form a company with the lazy mediocre relative or friend of the powerful person, who has not invested anything.
When the business owner started the business, no one was willing to take the risk of joining the business, to share the risks, spending money to test and learn new things.
Now when the business owner has fine tuned the business model, spent lakhs of rupees on R&D, these jealous powerful people subject the business owner to some of the most brutal human rights abuses imaginable, to force them to form a company with their lazy relatives and friends..

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