Internet, tech sector ruthlesly cheats, exploits,humiliates, robs some investors,risk takers leading to layoffs

While the mainstream media has covered the news of layoffs in internet and tech companies extensively,it refuses to cover the reality that the tech, internet companies are extremely ruthless in destroying the life of some investors, innovators,taking the risk of investing money in domains, demotivating them and killing innovation which may have led to layoffs
In all other sectors like real estate, banking, stock markets, mutual funds,the companies and officials will acknowledge the real investor spending his or her money. Only in the internet sector, in some countries, the government agencies, tech and internet companies are extremely ruthless in cheating, exploiting and robbing some domain investors to get no work, no investment government jobs for the relatives and friends of the top government employees in a sophisticated form of BRIBERY which the mainstream media refuses to cover.
The tech and internet companies are aware that the well connected high status domain fraudster government employees do not invest any money in domains, do not do any computer work at all, yet being completely devoid of corporate ethics, they have been running this financial, domain ownership fraud since 2010, without being questioned.
To cover up the financial, online fraud, the domain investor is ruthlessly slandered making fake allegations without proof, circulating defamatory videos, so that she does not get any help at all. The correspondence of the domain investor is diverted and robbed by the domain fraudster government employees to isolate her completely, This forces the domain investor to work very long hours, with less money in a case of government SLAVERY while the tech and internet sector falsely claims that the girlfriends,relatives, associates of top government employees who do not spend any money own domains, to get them monthly salaries
Tired of the endless cheating,exploitation, harassment , humiliation of the liar tech and internet companies, the domain investor is demotivated, and will mostly never make new investment, innovate.

With few new innovations, no additional investment, tech and internet companies will be forced to layoff their employees to avoid losses.